We All Play stage

For everyone

Our We All Play stage shares its name with one of the main ideas behind GameOn. And for good reason. This stage represents the medium of games and takes a look at how they interact with society, how they relate to other industries and how new technologies and communities intertwine with games.

This stage is host to scientists, inventors, artists, teachers, psychologists, designers, esports professionals and many more, who work directly with games or have found a connection with games in their respective fields. Games are there to play, we all play games. And yet they are much more and their ideas influence our daily lives: surgeons prepare for critical procedures with interactive simulations that are based on game technologies. Games are used to treat depression or to overcome the fear of heights. Examples are endless and there are more every day. Come to explore, come to learn, come to play.

Speakers 2019

Kate Edwards


Danny Engels

G2 Esports

Catharina Due Bøhler

Sarepta Studio

The most fun aspect about the We All Play stage it represents something new every year, because games are a fast-paced medium with constantly new trends, new technologies, new possibilities. Keep your finger on the pulse of gaming by attending this stage.

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