Indie developers

Indie developers are young and promising game developers or industry veterans who got tired of marketing constraints on creativity. These developers create their own games and often self-publish. Some work with publishers in a more open relationship than triple A studios to fund themselves, while others use crowdfunding, government grants or other creative ways to fund their projects.

Most of GameOn 2018 games were brought by independent game developers. Some of these games are unique, some just starting their journey to the hearts of the players, so it’s a great opportunity to discover something completely new.

What is indie?

The Indie sector is a unique, vibrant and young part of the gaming industry with a mission to create and rejoice. These creators usually seek to bravely experiment with games, are not afraid to bring up uncomfortable questions or provoke players pushing them into controversial and thought-provoking situations.

A lot of indie developers who became overnight successes were working at it for ten years.

Dan Adelman


We have over twenty years of experience building music games and authoring software in Japan and Sweden. Ichigoichie (stylized 151A) is a Japanese idiom that can be interpreted as “one chance in a lifetime” – Ichigoichie drives us to treat each encounter with respect and cherish the opportunity.


Hexagroove combines elements of strategy, rhythm, and action games in a unique blend of self-expression. Your goal as a DJ is to combine musical loops in real-time to regulate a virtual audience’s energy, working them into a state of euphoria with your artistic skills.

CloverCreek Entertainment

CloverCreek Entertainment is an indie game studio from Helsinki, Finland. We create immersive and challenging experiences for gaming enthusiasts by experimenting with game genres, technologies and mechanics.

Ascended Realms

Ascended Realms is a unique blend of fantasy RTS and RPG.
Build a kingdom and recruit Heroes who will explore the map, fight monsters and collect loot. Each Hero has a unique personality which defines their behaviour and priorities. Create quests for Heroes, unlock new skills in the talent tree and fight powerful bosses for epic rewards!

Tag of Joy

We are Tag of Joy – an award winning, creativity-powered company focused on game development for all major mobile and desktop platforms. We are also used to make rich and compelling interactive experiences, augmented and virtual reality solutions and other gamified products.

Crowns and Pawns

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is a charming European mystery adventure. Inspired by point-and-click classics such as Broken Sword, Still Life, Syberia and others, the developers decided to bring the less explored history of Europe to the world of adventurers. Experience the legendary stories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, beware of the villainous branch of the KGB, solve puzzles and follow hints to reveal the long forgotten secrets.

Punk Notion

Punk Notion was born from a passion for games, animation and engaging storytelling. Our main focus is developing narrative-driven games, and in the meantime supporting others with animations. Our studio is one of the winners of the ARP Games acceleration program aimed at supporting interesting video game projects.


Weakless is an adventure game focusing on the relationship between two characters: The Blind One and The Deaf One. During their journey, they will have to overcome the obstacles standing in their way and face their own limitations.

Morphcat Games

We are a two-man team bouncing around Berlin, dedicated to bringing new games to old hardware.

Micro Mages

Micro Mages is a new platform game for the NES, for 1 to 4 players. Slip into your wizard robes and enter the Demon Fortress, home of great treasure and ghastly creatures alike.


Zuurix or Aivaras Klimas is an indie game developer. First commercial game of Zuurix was Sector Six, which was released in May 2016. Right now he is working on a new project – Light of the Locked World.

Light of the Locked World

Light of the Locked World is a fantasy RPG with local co-op and PVP. The World Gate has malfunctioned and you are taken to Caios II – the Locked World. As you build a new life for yourself, you notice that something sinister is going on. You might be in danger – you must find out what’s happening.


DBabicius is a lone wolf game developer, both programmer and designer, bent on creating minimalist, original indie games. His best known game is PyroMind.


A multiplayer game that brings people together, makes them know each other and then lures them into prolonged heated arguments. Because opinions differ.

Gluk Media

Gluk Media – a studio of curious creatives and engineers, dabbling in things real, virtual and wonderful.

Kamile - Episode 1

KAMILE is an interactive VR experience set in 2084. You are Kamile. Your husband is a genius scientist responsible for a huge breakthrough in AI development. When work-related incident turns into family drama you’ll be forced to fight and flight to protect your son and his secrets.

Abu Dabi

In your tribe, you die two times. First, your body dies. Then, your spirit awaits the final challenge. A trial of will and dexterity against another not so lucky soul. So grab a slingshot and steady your aim, because victory promises paradise, failure – damnation.
Abu Dabi. Athletic, untethered VR duels in true indie spirit.


Karaclan is an independent game studio. Currently they are working on Ved game.


VED is a role playing game combined with a vivid platform game, where each decision means as ‘little’ as it does in real life. Talking to different characters can earn you their respect and friendship, or can even instil fear—which may be the key to success.

Walkabout Games

Walkabout is a Polish-based developer of aspiring independent game studios. We support creative teams from Central and Eastern Europe by arranging fully-equipped creative environments that suit their needs and making sure their games reach the players from all over the world. One of them is Different Tales in which we not only invested but also we are publishing their first game – Wanderlust Travel Stories.

Wanderlust Travel Stories

Wanderlust is a text adventure game inspired by real-life travels. Step into the shoes of modern travellers, explore their desires, hopes and fears, and decide how their stories will unfold.

MB Nieko

MB “Nieko” build custom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for museums, libraries, public and corporate clients.

VR - Playgrounds

VR Playgrounds is a unique way of spending your free time. Here you can play a lot of different and educational games such as golf, chess, basketball or tennis.


Hekate was created in early 2019 with the goal of creating atmospheric story-rich games with a distinctly creepy vibe to them. The first project Ad Infinitum was a student Project back in 2015 that resulted in a concept trailer. The trailer exploded on YouTube in 2017 and the team decided to complete the project.

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is a survival horror game focused on a family drama that is set in a surrealistic World War I environment. You will encounter vicious demonic creatures, avoid deadly traps and solve challenging puzzles while trying to put the tragic events of the war behind you.

Hidden Layer Games

Hidden Layer Games is a team formed of just two people – artist Alexey Testov and programmer Andriy Vinchkovskiy. The team have been making games together for over 8 years and finally in 2017 they entered the DevGamm conference in Minsk with Inmost.


INMOST is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer, following three playable characters in one dark, interconnected story. In an abandoned castle, you’ll need to explore every nook and spring deadly traps to escape the evil that lurks within…


SimDevs is an independent video game development studio from Latvia. The main focus is on physics and simulation-based games as well as other entertainment possibilities. It all started with a small social game, then went to mobile games and now working on Area 86 to target desktops and console devices.

Area 86

Area 86 is a physics-based escape room puzzle game. Each room has its unique tasks & puzzles that need to be completed to get further. Puzzles & tasks can be completed in different ways as the game is physics-based. It’s all up to your imagination on how to solve them.

Anomaly Games

We are a group of experienced game developers from Berlin. Members of our little group worked on many interesting projects in the past. Jörg worked on the A.I. systems of “Spec Ops: The Line”, Mona on the music of “Kane and Lynch 2”, Theresa worked together with “Tale of Tales” and Zoë published “Critical Hits: An Indie Gaming Anthology”

The Fermi Paradox

Where is everybody? – Play out the fate of an evolving galaxy, as centuries-old interstellar civilizations collapse, survive and thrive

All Parts Connected


Sipho is an action survival game with an intricate building system. Grow your own creature and take over the local ecosystem. Fight, grow, survive, dominate. Play in adventure or sandbox mode.

Vikingų žaidimai

Viking The Builder

Viking The Builder is an ancient, forgotten logic puzzle game which comes from a time when Vikings roamed the lands. You have to connect islands with bridges with only one catch – Islands have a limited amount of connections that can branch out from them.


Blazing Beaks

Roguelite – where too much greediness can be fatal. A colourful world with armed birds blazing their way through piles of mutants, monsters and creepy creatures. Lots of mysteries to unravel, secrets to discover and levels to explore.

Project Zero Deaths

Project Zero Deaths

Project Zero Deaths is a hectic physics-based F2P online multiplayer platform shooter. Jump into frantic battles in dynamic maps, solo or with friends, to fight in varied wild game modes!