Indie town

Indie developers

Indie developers are young and promising game developers or industry veterans who got tired of marketing constraints on creativity. These developers create their own games and often self-publish. Some work with publishers in a more open relationship than triple A studios to fund themselves, while others use crowdfunding, government grants or other creative ways to fund their projects.

Most of GameOn 2018 games were brought by independent game developers. Some of these games are unique, some just starting their journey to the hearts of the players, so it’s a great opportunity to discover something completely new.

What is indie?

The Indie sector is a unique, vibrant and young part of gaming industry with a mission to create and rejoice. These creators usually seek to bravely experiment with games, are not afraid to bring up uncomfortable questions or provoke players pushing them into controversial and thought-provoking situations.

A lot of indie developers who became overnight successes were working at it for ten years.

Dan Adelman