How to cosplay

1. Preparation

“Google” is your best friend. Seriously! This search engine has a lot of information hidden inside but to find it you need to know how to look. “Google” loves searching with a lot of keywords and has many answers to concrete questions. It will always answer to inputs like “costume making”, “wip” (work in progress), “how to make”, “what to use for” etc. For example, if you want to make Sailor Moon costume, just input “how to make Sailor Moon costume”. “Google” will do the rest.

You should also try to narrow your search with additional keywords or parts of a costume you’re trying to make: “How to make Sailor Moon skirt”, “Where to buy Sailor Moon wig”. Since cosplay has a huge history and many people around the world did a bunch of things, in most cases you can find exact answers you’re looking for.

2. Help from community

If almighty “Google” doesn’t have an answer to your question, you should try to ask on the social media. Facebook has many cosplay dedicated groups, Twitter has many cosplay personalities and so on. Our community is strong and very friendly toward newcomers. However, keep in mind, that good manners require you to ping other people with your questions only if you can’t find the answer to your question on the internet.

„Biggest challenge in cosplay is figuring out how to craft my next costume. And I love it!“


3. Part of the process

When you already know how and what to make and where to buy the required materials, it’s time to test. Do not cut the entire suit immediately, especially if you do not have any sewing experience. Do not cut all plastics if you haven’t had experience making armor. At first, better try to do a small piece of your costume and see how it goes. Do some stress testing – give your piece a challenge. You can try to wash it, warm it, grind it and so on. This is to check how the material reacts to differing forces of nature.
There are no cosplay people who like surprises. You wouldn’t want to be surprised by the fact that the paint you used for your weapon melts the weapon itself… Tests are dedicated to avoiding these stressful situations. So, the saying that you should measure twice, cut once is especially fitting for cosplay.

4. Don't give up!

Nobody, not even our GameOn Cosplay prize winners, had an easy beginning. You need to understand that your skills do not necessarily match your expectations, but with time you’ll learn more tricks and hone your sewing skill. Practice makes it perfect. And on the day your costume is finished you will feel and look amazing. Believe us, nobody will notice those small mistakes that may annoy your eyes in the mirror. You will feel great and be among hundreds of like-minded people. That is the true essence of cosplay.