GameOn Live

GameOn Live: Connecting Portals

For the fifth year in a row the games culture convention GameOn will be opening portals between reality and virtual worlds. The aim of the event is to show the gaming culture in a different way, to introduce this phenomenon to broader society and help discover its richest features. One of the best ways to do so is „GameOn Live“ concert, as the music itself is like a portal, connecting different generations and cultures, arts and sciences, virtuality and reality. It’s also one of the biggest challenges for GameOn team, but no obstacle is too hard when we work to realize our dreams. The „GameOn Live“ concert will return for the third year, and this time the audience will be swept not only by epic music from games but also movie soundtracks.

On the dark night of November 15th, the masterful performance will be delivered by the newly formed team of GameOn orchestra directed by Rita Bieliauskaitė. The musical battle will start under the management of conductor Martynas Staškus, guiding the forces of VMU Chamber orchestra and KTU Academic choir „Jaunystė“. Join us and witness the marvel of music.

Conductor Martynas Staškus

Every „GameOn Live“ concert starts with planning, thorough selection of material and preparation of notes. The notes for each piece must be rewritten specifically for GameOn orchestra and all performances are meticulously rehearsed under the guiding hand of the conductor. 

This year our orchestra will be led by the ruler of strings, lord of the rhythm and master of winds – maestro Martynas Staškus. With hundreds of musical raids under his belt, M. Staškus was conducting the most famous Lithuanian orchestras, got trophies from many international contests, and in 1998 was the lead shot caller for the biggest musical festival in our country – Lithuania’s Song Celebration.

VMU Chamber orchestra

VMU Chamber orchestra was founded in 2011 at the Music Academy of Vytautas Magnus University. It is the only professional chamber orchestra in Kaunas city, which is also a home base of the GameOn team, so no surprise that they found a great bond together. VMU orchestra forms the backbone of all the „GameOn Live“ concert program. Although the collective is still young, they’ve already raided more than 150 musical instances. Also, the young age means that some musicians play video games! They share their knowledge with the orchestra during rehearsals, so everyone can understand the context and deliver precise emotions. That is why we can proudly say that „GameOn Live“ concert is performed by gamers for gamers.

For the third year, GameOn and VMU Chamber orchestra are joining forces to create a marvelous spectacle of music and games. This open relationship also creates a unique opportunity to enrich the experience by inviting friends of the show and the orchestra. Every GameOn Live features prominent music composers, famous soloists and masters of rare instruments that are necessary to properly recreate music from video games.


Conductor Vytautas Lukočius
Director Rita Bieliauskaitė
KTU Academic choir „Jaunystė“

The sounds of the chamber orchestra playing your favorite games’ music are often powerful enough to melt even the coldest hearts. But to reach the true epicness and torrent of emotions, capable to send goosebumps down your spine, the support of choir is required. Powerful chants will surely summon the blink of a tear, humbly hidden in a corner of a gamer’s eye. The choir was always very important during „GameOn Live“ concerts, the singers performed both in earthly Swahili and otherworldly languages from Azeroth. This year the performance of the choir will be even larger and more dramatic than ever before.

The main heal/support role for this year’s „GameOn Live“ concert will be held by KTU Academic choir „Jaunystė“. It is one of the oldest and most experienced choirs in Kaunas. Recently the collective held a grand concert tour together with London Community Gospel Choir and singer Monika Linkytė. At „GameOn Live“ the vast forces of KTU choir will get even more spell power with support of stage singing band from A. Kačanauskas music school – „Dangi&D4


Choir leader – Danguolė Beinarytė.
Choirmaster – Marija Beinarytė-Kiseliauskienė.