GameOn esports


As gaming becomes an ever-increasing part of our everyday life, other areas of life are changing. Electronic sports events gather thousands of viewers in the world, and the biggest tournament broadcasts bring millions of people to computer and television screens. GameOn esport competitions are the Lithuanian equivalent of such events.

The growing interest in GameOn esport tournaments will not fly under the radar. GameOn champions title has become a significant achievement for any esports team, so in 2018 we can expect a blood-thirsty drama for the title.


2018 marked yet another big step forward for Baltic esports with the inception of the Baltic Esports League (BEL). Partnering with the competitive gaming platform Challengermode, GameOn embarked on a new mission to professionalize esports in the region. Starting games for the league were CS:GO, League of Legends and PUBG. As part of Riot Games’ new initiative to align European League of Legends competition, Season 1 BEL winners Turing eSports were able to field the Baltics’ first European Masters participant team. July saw them win Season 1 at Bosca Amphitheater, while GS:GO finals took place at GameOn in LITEXPO with victorious WOLSUNG from Latvia and PUBG finals were held online, taken by Estonian BAIT ACADEMY. During GameOn 2018 Red Bull M.E.O. Clash Royale Lithuanian Championship took place. In the Grand Final Gediminas Tumėnas (Tu Kelmas) won against HotGuyLt and got a chance to represent Lithuania in Clash Royale tournament which was being held in Germany.

Season review

The third GameOn esports competition took place at the 2017 event, and once again improved the attendees record and introduced another tournament discipline “Hearthstone”. The best teams in the region once again clashed to win spectacular trophies. In “League of Legends”, the international “Team Singularity” was superior and Estonian “WASD Sports” wiped out the competition in “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” discipline. Still, Lithuanians got a chance to celebrate Tomas Dailidonis to victory in the debut “Hearthstone” tournament.


In 2016 more countries joined Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian players, as well as a list of disciplines grew. Along with the CS:GO championship, which was won by Danish “Alpha Gaming”, League of Legends tournament attracted players from 40 countries. The Lithuanian team “Gameplay DNA” celebrated the victory in debut discipline.


The first GameOn CS:GO Cup tournament brought together the best players from the Baltic countries to test their strength in the region’s largest tournament to date. The finals took place at the Siemens arena in front of thousands of spectators. Lithuanian representatives “Gameplay DNA” and Estonian “Online BOTS” clashed in an epic battle of three close games. “Online BOTS” became the first GameOn champions and rightfully claimed the title as the strongest CS:GO team in the Baltics. This was the first serious electronic sports event in Lithuania, which eventually became the most significant esport tournament in the region.