Real Characters

Nowadays almost every sci-fi, comics, movies, anime and games convention comes with a bunch of cosplay enthusiasts. GameOn 2019 won‘t be an exception and will fill its halls, venues and stages with cheerful cosplayers. All visitors are invited to witness a joyful and colourful contest which is a representation of the global cosplay community.

As always, we invite every fan of cosplay culture to participate in one of the biggest costume competitions in the Baltics. All cosplayers and cosplay groups are welcome to join GameOn since participation in the contest is free. Do not miss the opportunity to show off in front of a huge crowd of GameOn visitors and the GameOn Cosplay committee.

GameOn Cosplay Contest on November 16!

We had a really great time at GameOn! As international guests we were well taken care of, and the convention was very well organized. Definitely coming back for another go!

Team paraluna