Baltic Esports League Season 2

Second season

Soon after a fantastic 1st season of Baltic Esports League, it was announced that the 2nd season will strike in February. As a previous season, next one consisted of 3 disciplines: League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Altogether, €10 000 of a prize pool was distributed to the winning teams and runner-ups. Despite a Lion’s share of a prize pool, League of Legends winner team got a chance to represent the Baltic region in European Masters tournament organized by Riot’s Game.

League of Legends

League of Legends 2nd regular season started with 6 teams which showed the best performance during the qualification phase. After a few games, it was clear that the eNsure team would be the leaders of the season and should make it to the offline Grand Finals. The main intrigue of who would take the 2nd seed was between 3 teams: Zalgiris Esports, Escort P9, and Divine Esports. After very intense semi-final Zalgiris Esports managed to win and took the 2nd spot in the Grand Finals. Two Lithuanian grand-finalist teams had a last best of 5 series in Vilnius, Lithuania, during Robotiada 2019 event at Litexpo. Not surprisingly eNsure won against Zalgiris Esports with a result 3-1 and took a spot in European Masters.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive regular season started with 6 greatest teams of Baltic region as well. Intense season with very strong teams ended with two finalist teams 1337HUANIA, which was a strong leader since the beginning of the season, and alltheRAGE which had quite a rocky road to the offline Grand Finals. Usually, 1337HUANIA is a favorite team of every tournament – no exception in the Baltic Esports League. Lithuanian BEL Grand Final took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, at InfoShow Lan Party 2019 with an easily 3-1 victory to 1337HUANIA.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

The 3rd and last discipline of BEL PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds season started in early May. After qualifiers, 16 teams managed to get their tickets to a regular season. Soon after the beginning of a season, Latvians ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS became the strong leaders. Fantastic performance and skills didn’t let them drop to the 2nd place since the 2nd game of the league. With 140 points ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS were victorious in the league and left behind teams as follows: Lietuvos Ateis, Happy Endings, Normal Going and Division.