Baltic esports league

The newly formed Baltic Esports League (BEL) was created as part of a European system of national and regional leagues, kicking off its first season in 2018. The partnership between Challengermode, the automated tournament platform and digital home for competitive gamers and GameOn – Game Culture Con brought a new structure to Baltic esports and implemented a long-term league solution with stable prize pools and paths to European competitions. The league started with three esports titles: League of Legends, CS:GO and PUBG.

BEL PUBG Season 2 will begin with a qualifier on May the 4th

New format

The format of BEL is being reshaped into a division-based system from this season. Our goal is to motivate teams to stay together over several seasons, climb the ladder and to strengthen long-term commitment for the future.

PUBG will differ from its counterparts in the league with a separate format for qualifiers and divisions, due to the distinct difference in gameplay and team setup. Participating squads will be split into groups of maximum 16 for the play-in stage. Depending on the final number of qualifier groups, each group’s top teams will join division 1. Example: 32 teams sign up for the qualifier. Two groups with 16 teams each will be formed and the top 8 of each group qualify for the regular season division 1. Division 1 will consist of 16 teams, all of them playing for points over 5 dates to determine the winner.

While this is our initial setup for season 2, future turnout of team sign-ups might mean adjustments regarding division size and depth. This gives us the flexibility to accommodate the right amount of teams and opens the possibility for more teams to compete in higher divisions.

Div 1 Prizepool

The prize pool for BEL PUBG Season 2 is guaranteed to have 1.750 € and might be increased with additional sponsors joining the league.