Baltic Masters announces season 3
13 June 2019

GameOn, as co-organizers of the rebranded Baltic Masters, are happy to announce the start of the third season of the open, division-based league. This season, teams from the Baltic region will compete in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS disciplines.

After moving to a division-based league system and phenomenal finals at Litexpo and InfoShow Lan Party, the league rebrands to Baltic Masters, continuing with a tried and true format while focusing on the aspect of giving Baltic teams an opportunity to compete in the international scene.

The division-based system ensures clear paths for teams to climb the professional ladder with the ultimate goal to participate in European competitions through a network of partnered leagues and events.

League of Legends will make the start with the online qualifying round starting on June 26th. The regular season will start from July 7th, with playoffs taking place on August 11th. The offline finals are planned for August 24th with the GameOn Lan Party in Vilnius, Siemens Arena. As introduced in season one, the winners of the Baltic Masters finals – an official European Region League (ERL) – will advance to Riot Games’ European Masters tournament.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will begin its qualifiers on September 11th, with finals being held in November, during GameOn 2019 event in Vilnius. As with the other disciplines, teams will be split into divisions after the qualifier stage, with even winners of lower divisions being able to win prize money and battle for a way into the next-highest division before season 4 kicks off.

The PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS league will start with a qualifier on November 20th. While still adhering to the divisional scheme, play-ins will differ from other disciplines due to PUBG’s specific playing format. More in-depth information on prize money split and division seeding of all disciplines can be found on the GameOn website.

Together with main partner Challengermode, the automated tournament platform and digital home for competitive gamers and the collaborating National Esports Leagues (NEL) stakeholders, GameOn are working with high intensity to ensure the participation in international tournaments for the champions of Baltic Masters CS:GO and PUBG from season 4 in the first part of 2020.

We see teams form and disband for single tournaments, instead of staying together to improve the overall level of the region. One of our main goals with the Baltic Masters is to ensure stability for the regional esports scene in terms of structured, long-term commitment, and I am happy we are making progress on providing this infrastructure.” Florian Masuth, Head of GameOn

As of today, the online sign-up for teams is open for League of Legends, with other disciplines following accordingly in the next weeks. Separate announcements will be made on the GameOn website and social media channels, together with updates about offline finals venues.

League of Legends sign-up

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