Eight strongest teams of Counter Strike: Global Offensive BEL tournament have been announced
03 October 2018

Eight strongest teams have emerged after the Counter Strike: Global Offensive qualifier of the Baltic Esports League that happened this weekend. That’s the quintuplet of Lithuanian teams “dai$uki” and “kiber sportsmen” as well as Estonian crews of “onlineMANS” and “Flunk’s party”.

4 quest teams will also join these teams in the Top 8 stage of the tournament. That’s “GameOn” regulars “Wolsung” from Latvia with “MightyWolves” coming in as well, and two Lithuanian teams of “1337HUANIA” and “PLACEHOLDER NAME”.

The team “Žalgiris” has been removed from the tournament after overcoming the first qualifier stage due to suspicions arising regarding the still active VAC account ban for cheating of one of the team members. The administration of the tournament wants to ensure the highest possible standards of gameplay and will not tolerate cheating in the tournament.

CS:GO BEL matches will return to the “GameOn” Twitch stream on the 20th and 21st of October with the Top 8 stage of the tournament.

Qualifier brackets

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