DJ Hyper will perform at GameOn afterparty
06 September 2018

For the first time, GameOn will host an official afterparty “Bonus Level”, which will take place at the LOFTAS art factory on November 2nd. This futuristic cyberpunk event will be conducted by Guy Hatfield, better known as DJ Hyper, who is well known among electronic music fans.

In recent days DJ Hyper name is particularly popular among computer gaming fans. He made music for game trailers such as Need for Speed, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and recently announced Cyberpunk 2077.

DJ Hyper music is a blend of neurofunk and synthwave genres. In 2005, he introduced his debut album “We Control”, which incorporated live instrumentation such as guitars and bass and fused it with his newer electronic sound. Later, DJ Hyper became known for his singles “Pitch Bitch”, “The End” and particularly exciting electronic music tracks dedicated to film and game trailers.

In 2013 DJ Hyper released his best-selling album to date, “Lies”, where he experimented with the power of dynamic and strings elements. The album received worldwide acclaim so after a year DJ Hyper released an orchestral re-interpretation of 8 tracks featured in “Lies” to create “Symphony of Lies” in collaboration with Chris White.

More performers of "Bonus Level" will be announced soon.
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