Meet GameOn III League of Legends casters
09 August 2017

Long awaited GameOn League of Legends tournament is just around the corner, so it’s about time to meet our casters.

Žygimantas “K N O K 1” Kriščiūnas

Lithuanian fan favorite Žygimantas started streaming while he was 15 years old. In 2015 he became a known streamer after he introduced his fictional character Ivan. His debut as a caster at GameOn 2016 was a huge success and proved that his duo with “ChosenOne” are on another level when it comes to in-depth game analysis. This year his voice debuted on TV as he casted IEM Katowice finals for Lithuanian audience.

Like: memes about consequences of capitalism

Algirdas “Chosenone” Gricius

Algirdas “ChosenOne” Gricius will cast the finale of the GameOn League of Legends cup together with Žygimantas for the second time. Algirdas also casted Infoshow LanParty 2016, tournament, and worked with ePlay to cast IEM Katowice 2017 finals in Lithuanian language. “ChosenOne” says that casting is another thing he loves about his hobby – League of Legends.

Likes: nature, laughs and talking to people.

Andrius “Hi I Main Mid”  Burba

Andrius became interested in games at the age of six, when he began playing GTA 3 and CS 1.6. His fascination with esports began with the first season of the League of Legends, and after seeing the prospects of this discipline, he began streaming. He was noticed by Žygimantas and been offered to contribute to the InfoShow caster team, where Andrius formally debuted as a commentator.

Likes: Reading Reddit and watching Twitch broadcasts.

Joshua “BurntSanctuary” Keller

Joshua is a 21 years old caster from Germany. He got involved into professional esports scene in 2015 when he started casting Playing Ducks CS:GO games in online tournaments. Later on he casted many other CS:GO tournaments some of which were dedicated for the female CS:GO players. “BurntSanctuary” has experience not only in CS:GO but in other disciplines also. Recently he started casting League of Legends events too.

Likes: Teemo

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