Meet GameOn CS:GO tournament casters
28 July 2017

GameOn CS:GO cup qualifiers starts tomorrow, so it’s about time to meet our casters who will be providing commentary throughout  the whole tournament. With great pleasure, we introduce

Dainius “SirDanny” Daukša

Lithuanians already know this guy since he was the one casting their performances in various tournaments online. Also he was one of the casters at the biggest Lithuanian LAN event Infoshow Lan Party 2017. But he’s not focused only on Lithuania. You may know him from ECCC 2016, European Masters Season 1 and Gauntlet tournaments. “SirDanny” is a hip-hop enthusiast and loves doing some video editing and reviews on his spare time.

Tom “Weefreemen” Pickering

Tom can be called guru of GameOn since he was the one casting the amazing GameOn 2016 finals between “VwS Gaming” and “Alpha Gaming”. His LAN casting experience also includes Insomnia events in Ireland and Scotland. His most memorable moment? It’s probably Virtus Pro facing ENVY during WESG, Tom casted this match in front of 28 000 viewers on Twitch.

Joshua “BurntSanctuary” Keller

Joshua is a 21 years old caster from Germany. He got involved into professional CS:GO scene in 2015 when he started casting Playing Ducks games in online tournaments. Later on he casted many other CS:GO tournaments some of which were dedicated for the female CS:GO players. “BurntSanctuary” has experience not only in CS:GO but in other disciplines also. Recently he started casting League of Legends events too.

Dean „DeaNjB“ Brown

The youngest member of the caster team. He started casting in 2016 due to a lack of casters for Irish CS:GO events and this is when he found his love for speaking for the public. His experience includes Binary Dragons online tournaments and G-Series 8 LAN tournament.

Alex „Hawka“ Hawkins

Alex is a 19-year-old caster from Essex, England. He started casting in late 2016 in the ECS Community Caster Challenge and has been mostly doing smaller games on his personal channel to gain experience. Alex also plays on Reading’s University CSGO team in the U.K National University League (NUEL). Previous online events: ECS Community Caster Challenge Season 3 and Gauntlet: CIS vs EU #6.

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