GameOn CS:GO and League of Legends finalists announced
25 August 2017

GameOn esports tournaments qualifiers are now complete. With great pleasure let us introduce you to the teams that will compete on the big stage on September 16-17th.

GameOn League of Legends Cup

After almost 2 months of games, only two teams remain to fight for a chance to bring GameOn League of Legends trophy home. Defending champions Gameplay DNA from Lithuania and a new challenger – international squad Team Singularity. Teams will battle each other on September 16th at LAN finals in Vilnius, Litexpo.


Gameplay DNA roster:

ADC – Juozas „nofas“ Kiltinavičius
MID –  Domantas „Domas“ Musinas
SUPPORT – Aurimas „Pulsas“ Morozovas
JUNGLE – Aleksas „Div1der“ Bogdevičius
TOP –  Julius „Zty“ Kuršys


Team Singularity roster:

ADC – Matthew „xMatty“ Coombs
MID – Daniel „Kroghsen“ Krog
SUPPORT – Jakub „Shifter“ Maciejkowski
JUNGLE – Jonatan „SezzeR“ Villebro
TOP – Kallon „Kerberos“ Ram


GameOn CS:GO Cup

Only four teams remain to fight for the chance to call themselves GameOn III champions. On September 17th in LAN finals at Litexpo, these four teams will clash in best-of-three series for a chance to take a portion of 3500 euro prize pool. What a neighborly battle awaits!

Calmface roster:

Aurimas „Kvik“ Kvakšys
Andrius „TORAS“ Balčiūnas
Eimantas „pounh“ Lazickas
Nikolaj „kalinka“ Rysakov
Robertas „Carcass“ Mikuckis


GoodJob roster:

Anton „boX“ Burko
Vadzim „fnyekes“ Zhuraulenka
Nikita „Coffee“ Antsypirovich
Pavel „Desshustle“ Karpovich
Igor „lollipop21k“ Slodkov


WASD Sports roster:

Rainer „Dodz“ Trossek
Hans „bitchiR“ Tint
Mario „Gaborik“ Piirisaar
Mihkel „sperr“ Alamaa
Kevin „ViztA“ Kolomainen


Wolsung roster:

Sandis „ayriks“ Rainskis
Arvis „Captain Perfect“ Karklins
Reinis „hyskeee“ Grīnbergs
Toms „Feagleyy“ Kārlis Bicāns
Mareks „yr“ Gaļinskis

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